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Who we are

Since opening in February 2015, TALO has been the place to ‘take a load off' in Glace Bay. Now, even though COVID-19 has complicated things, TALO is still after delivering that same feeling of 'relax and enjoy yourself' -- but, this time, right to your doorstep!

Check out our awesome takeout menu, with old favourites and new exciting options to try!

Also, be sure to have a look at our new boutique grocery shop, where we offer a curated selection of locally crafted, grown, or produced products - along with some great ever day items you need to have!

Our amazing takeout menu

Get ready to say, 'Oh my gosh, yum!'

We've cooked up an amazing takeout menu, full of TALO favourites and some exciting new options to try, that we're confident will travel well and taste absolutely amazing in your home!

We're also excited to offer an amazing selection of local craft beer & cider, bottled wine, and fresh kombucha that's made right here in Nova Scotia!

Our boutique grocery shop

During our current climate, grocery shopping is hard enough. So, adding speciality products to "your list"... Impossible, right? Not anymore!

TALO is proud to present our new boutique grocery shop, featuring carefully curated products that are sure to please - along with everyday items you're going to need!

Enjoy our wide selection of "Shop Local" - including cheese, meat, drinks, and pantry items. Plus, get your hands on premium brands that you can't get anywhere else!

What are people saying?

"If there was a 6 star option, these guys would get it!!! The staff was incredible, kind and friendly.  The food... OMG-Amazing!! Very creative culinary talents! Highly recommended!

- Darragh D.